Pam Mersch

Pam Mersch is an Alaskan artist who recently relocated to Tucson.   The mediums she enjoys most are watercolor, pastels and smoke, painting animals, landscapes, florals and abstracts.  She loves traveling and painting the places she’s been.

"Henrietta", pastel
Henrietta, pastel by Pam Mersch

 Pam’s animal watercolors have been accepted at Louisiana State University, School of Veterinary Medicine’s annual International Exhibition on Animals in Art.

"Lars", watercolor
Lars, watercolor by Pam Mersch

Her smoke paintings have won Best in Show; one was included in a year-long tour throughout Alaskan cities and communities.

"Winter Spirit with Tree", smoke painting
Winter Spirit with Tree, smoke painting by Pam Mersch

Having always loved the desert, she can’t wait to use her skills depicting the desert’s beauty through color and textures.

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